Israel-Hamas war rages as Gaza deaths mount


Israel would not allow fuel into Gaza even if all hostages are released, Mark Regev, senior advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told CNN on Monday.

“At the moment we have no interest in more fuel going to the Hamas military machine and we have not authorized fuel, we have authorized medicine, we have authorized water. We’ve authorized foodstuffs, we’ve not authorized anything else,” Regev said.

Asked if Israel would allow fuel to enter Gaza if all hostages were released, Regev maintained that they would not waver. 

“The government decision is that fuel doesn’t go in because it will be stolen by Hamas and it’ll be used by them to power rockets that are fired into Israel to kill our people,” Regev said. 

Regev said some fuel was allowed to enter through Rafah crossing but claimed a “large proportion” was stolen at gunpoint. 

“We presume it was diverted to their military mission,” Regev said.

No fuel has entered Gaza in the aid convoys through the Rafah crossing in recent days, according to multiple UN officials. Aid agencies have repeatedly warned that fuel supplies are desperately needed to power water desalination for clean drinking water and lifesaving machines in hospitals.

More: Twenty more trucks carrying vital humanitarian aid passed the Rafah crossing from Egypt into Gaza Monday, the UN said, while warning that the situation in the enclave’s hospitals remains dire and much more help is needed.

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