MMA, pandas, and sustainability: the best of Qatar 365 in 2023


Qatar 365 brings you some of the most iconic moments of 2023: extreme sports like sand dune cycling and mixed martial arts, behind-the-scenes views of the Qatar Museum’s restoration efforts, and insider moments with Chinese giant pandas and oryxes savages.


The Qatar 365 team has collected a bouquet of the best moments of 2023.

Qatar’s love for sports continued even after the final whistle of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Laila Humairah and Aadel Haleem hit the streets of Doha to cover various activities.

During the Qatar Open, Aadel met world-class tennis player Mubaraka Al-Naimi of Qatar.

Laila was introduced to the traditional art of Taekwondo. Laila is always up for a challenge and has successfully tested her punching skills.

Aadel met UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev and was one of the few invited to attend a mixed martial arts (MMA) master class with the star.

Laila cheered for the participants, who struggled with sweat and adrenaline as they covered a very challenging endurance bike race through desert sand dunes.

2023 has been generous, with Qatar 365 offering privileged moments with some of nature’s wonders. Aadel had the chance to see wild Arabian oryxes. Qatar’s iconic animal was once on the brink of extinction. Laila got close to Suhail and Thuraya, the two giant pandas given to Qatar by China.

Qatar 365 was granted special access to go behind the scenes of the Museum of Islamic Art and see how ancient artefacts are restored before being publicly displayed in the galleries.

Subcultures were also on the menu, as Aadel discovered when attending a unique event called Geekend. The semi-annual gathering allows gamers, anime lovers, and cosplayers to all have fun under one roof.

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