Protesters in Tel Aviv, Rome and Paris are calling on Netanyahu to accept the ceasefire proposal

Protesters in Tel Aviv and around the world on Saturday called on Israeli leaders to accept the latest road map for a ceasefire and the return of hostages to Gaza, a day after President Biden said it was time for the war would end.

The Forum on Hostages and Missing Families in Israel said it was launching “an emergency operation” to pressure members of the government to accept the declaration outlined by President Biden on Friday. The plan should begin with an immediate and temporary ceasefire and aim for the return of all hostages, a permanent end to the war and the reconstruction of Gaza.

“The Forum calls for the return of all hostages, some for rehabilitation and others for burial, and not to miss the opportunity that has arisen to bring them home,” the group said in a statement on social media.

The group called for “immediate approval of the agreement,” the statement said, adding: “Don't miss this moment!”

Netanyahu still calls for the complete destruction of Hamas and the release of all hostages before the end of the war. And two of Netanyahu's far-right coalition partners – Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir – threatened to leave his government if he went ahead with the proposal.

The debate over the latest proposal has breathed new life into the protests held every Saturday in Tel Aviv. Thousands of protesters gathered on the streets there and in other parts of Israel on Saturday evening in support of the proposal.

Some protesters covered themselves in fake blood, while others walked the streets holding the Israeli flag and signs reading “Bring them home.” Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, reported that protesters blocked traffic in northern Israel and that at least three people were arrested.

Haaretz also reported that thousands of protesters gathered near Mr. Netanyahu's home in Caesarea, a coastal city located halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Demonstrators also gathered in Rome, Paris and Jakarta, Indonesia, on Saturday.

The United States also continued its efforts to push the region to work towards a ceasefire in Gaza.

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken spoke Saturday with Egypt's foreign minister, the prime minister and Qatar's minister of foreign affairs. Egypt and Qatar worked to help broker a deal. In his phone calls, Blinken spoke about the urgent need for a ceasefire and called on Hamas to accept the deal without delay, said Matthew Miller, a State Department spokesman.

Aaron Boxerman contributed to the reporting.

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